Oh, the joys of winter! Stuffy heads, runny noses, hacking coughs…and it’s worse than ever this year! To keep you and your family safe from the cold and flu bugs, read on for 8 of our favorite natural ways to kick those nasty colds to the curb! You’ll be feeling back to your old self in no time.


1. React & Rest: Pay attention when you start getting that feeling…you know the one we’re talking about!  That feeling you get right before you actually get sick. Don’t ignore it!  Take a day off and rest! We know we live in a go-go-go world of “pushing through the pain”, but it will only get worse if you don’t allow yourself to rest.

2. Get to Know Neti: A Neti Pot is a ceramic pot that looks like a cross between a teapot and Aladdin’s magic lamp.  It’s used to clean out your sinus passages using a salt water solution.  It basically flushes everything out to help alleviate congestion and sinus pressure.

3. Soup Fixes Everything: Well, maybe not everything, but there’s a reason it’s the go-to food when you’re sick.  When you don’t feel like eating much, soup can help nourish and heal your body.  Be sure to include some garlic, ginger, and dark leafy greens such as Swiss chard. A steamy hot bowl of soup will also help open your sinuses. Check out our Skinny Detox Soup. Packed full of nutritious vegetables, this will have you feeling better before you even finish the first bowl!

skinny mom skinny detox soup recipe

4.  Say Hello to Ginger & Honey: No, we’re not suggesting you visit a gentlemen’s club (you know you were thinking it). We’re talking about an old-fashioned cup of tea with ginger and honey.  The honey will coat your throat and ease some of the pain from coughing, and ginger has been used as a natural treatment for colds and the flu for centuries. Get more cold-fighting homemade drinks here.

5. Get Steamy: A hot shower acts as a nasal decongestant due to the steam to help clear congestion. If you’re running a fever, a hot shower may help you break your fever and get your temperature back to normal. You’ll also feel much more refreshed!

6. Water, Water, Water! You need to stay hydrated, but juice won’t cut it.  You need plenty of water to flush out your system.  The sugar in juice or soda won’t help you get better, and neither will caffeine.

sick woman drinking water in bed to feel better

7. No Dairy! Dairy creates excess mucus in the body, so avoid drinking milk as you’ll just make things worse!

8. Sleep It Off: Seriously! This cannot be stressed enough…you need to rest! Sleeping is the best thing you can do for your body so it can work to heal itself!  Call your boss, get a friend to take your kids, or whatever you need to do to take a day off.  Your friends and co-workers don’t want you around when you’re sick anyways, so take the day to heal yourself.

Bonus tip? Prevention is the best medicine, so learn simple ways to boost your immune system.