A sweet ending to any meal is always appreciated. And any time, but especially during the summer, that sweet treat can be something as simple as a piece of fresh fruit. Maybe it’s topped with a drizzle of honey, a scoop of ice cream or just a sprinkling of fresh chopped mint. Of course a girl can’t live by fruit alone. So, you really should stock your kitchen with some basic tools to make quick and easy work of your favorite cookies and cupcakes. Here’s a list of eight fun gadgets to help you imitate the sweet culinary treats of your favorite food bloggers and Food Network chefs!

Chosigt Ice Pop MakerBuy several at this price and keep your freezer stocked in several flavors all summer long!

pop maker

Photo Credit: Ikea

Chef ‘n StemGem5-star rated and so cute you could use it as a counter decoration!

stem gem

Photo Credit: Amazon

OXO Pineapple SlicerFresh pineapple is killer on the grill or can be created into a dessert all of its own! Check out our Skinny Pineapple Teriyaki Pork Chops recipe here.

pineapple slicer

Photo Credit: Target

OXO Mango Splitter: Mango Margaritas absolutely count as dessert.

mango slicer

Photo Credit: Target

Cookie ScoopMakes quick work of scooping your favorite dough into perfect mounds.

cookie scoop

Photo Credit: Amazon

Cupcake/Muffin Scoop: A necessity for clean and even scooping of batter!

muffin scoop

Photo Credit: Amazon

Silpat Cookie Sheet LinerAn instant non-stick surface for all your baked goods, especially French macarons.

silpot baking sheet

Photo Credit: Curious Mom