The temperatures are rising and love is in the air! While date nights may be reduced to indoor activities during the cold winter months, summer is a great time to get up off of that couch and enjoy some active, outside romance. Here are 9 date ideas that are sure to heat up your love life. And let’s be honest, fitting in a little extra time together to focus on some romance is also amazing for your health!

couple kayaking

Dancing: A couple’s dance class is a workout disguised as a fun opportunity to get close to your date! Whether you choose salsa, swing, ballroom, or even zumba; you’re sure to learn some new moves and bond with your significant other. If you want a testimonial to how dancing can transform your body, just look at the ballroom professionals on Dancing With the Stars.

Paddleboarding: Lately we’ve been seeing tons of people trying Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga, and it looks pretty amazing.  If that is a bit more advanced than you or your partner are prepared to take on, there’s always normal paddle boarding! The board resembles a very large surfboard, and you stand upright on the board with a long paddle to propel yourself through the water. It may look relaxing, but it’s also an amazing arm workout!

Rock Climbing: If you and your date are seeking a thrilling and active date, try rock climbing! Beginners can start at an indoor rock climbing wall, and more advanced climbers can head outside and hit the real thing!

Hiking: This is a no brainer if you want an active summer date. Take a day to unplug with your significant other, and head into nature for a relaxing (and technology free) activity. Hiking is a great workout, and can be combined with a healthy picnic.

Horseback Riding: While a horseback ride into the summer sunset sounds like a scene from a romance novel, it’s actually an amazing option for an active and healthy date. Riding a horse requires you to stay active and engaged to keep the horse under control, and also demands that you maintain good posture. So grab your loved one and saddle up!

Canoeing: Here’s another active date idea that gets you off your phone and into nature with your significant other. Your arms will get a killer workout, and you can take a moment to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Don’t forget safety though! A life jacket is a must, and sunscreen is a good idea as well.

Berry Picking: Summer is the season for fresh berries, and many larger farms offer the option to pick your own. Can’t find a place to pick berries? Head to a farmer’s market! You can spend the afternoon walking around, buying fresh produce, and then making a healthy dinner as a couple. Some delicious summer options are a Skinny French Country Salad or a Summer Lemon Berry Cake!

Wine Tasting: You don’t have to be working out to have a healthy date! Red wine packs amazing health benefits, and going to a wine tasting turns something as simple as sipping wine into an amazing experience. A good bottle of red wine and some candle light can turn any night into a romantic one. Ooh la la!

Whether you’re new lovers, old flames or each other’s ball and chain, you and your date should take the time to get out and enjoy the warm summer sun. It’s easier than you think to combine fitness and love, so go ahead and try! Most of these activities burn some serious calories, and the others benefit your health in many different ways. What are your other favorite summer date ideas?