It’s summer and wow have temperatures really gone up here in Oklahoma! My hubby and I are keeping up with our running schedule and the last thing I want to do after running in 100 degree weather is eat a heavy meal. Here are eight of my favorite summertime recipes that you might find helpful for your 4th of July festivities!

Black bean salad – I love black beans. They are inexpensive and a great source of protein.
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Summer BBQ chicken – Although I’m a vegetarian, my family is not. Here’s a great and easy clean-up summer chicken recipe from Kraft Foods.
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Corn on the cob – Growing up on a farm, summer just isn’t right without fresh corn. Simply remove the husk from the corn, boil until tender, brush with extra virgin olive oil and season with your favorite seasoning—we like Tony Chachere’s Original Creole Seasoning.  This seasoning has a lot of salt in it, so you’ll want to watch that, but a little goes a long way!
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spicy grilled corn

Grilled Tilapia –  I’m a vegetarian, but I do eat fish. Tilapia is one of our favorites. It’s so easy to brush with a little olive oil and seasonings and throw on the grill, or try it with ginger and cilantro, as pictured!
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Fish tacos – Our schedules are extremely busy. When we cook, I like to make a little extra for the next day. Grilled tilapia is great for fish tacos. Simply place on a tortilla with a little cabbage, onion, and cilantro. If you want a sauce, try this from Soup Addict.
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Sliced tomatoes – Being from the south, tomatoes do make a meal! It’s not uncommon for us to just slice up a tomato, sprinkle with a little kosher salt and pepper and eat as a light lunch. Tomatoes are low in fat and calories and oh so delicious!
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Baby greens with strawberries and blue cheese – Strawberries and greens go hand in hand for a light and filling dinner or lunch.
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Banana Orange Sorbet – This recipe from FitnessRx is a wonderful alternative to ice cream, while adding extra protein to help supplement your workouts.

Orange Sorbet in Hollowed Fruits