So you need some time away and every call to a babysitter is a dead end. How do you enjoy a date night with the kids around? Here are some ideas to try after you put the kiddos to bed.

takeout box

Late Dinner: Feed the kids, put them to bed and then order some take-out! You and your honey can have a candlelit dinner in peace.

Date night swap: Find some friends that need a date night too and swap kids Friday and Saturday night. We have done this a few times and it is an awesome idea and you do not have to pay a babysitter.

couple on a lunch date

Lunch Date: Go to a fancy restaurant for a lunch date while the kids are in school. You may find that it is cheaper than going at night.

Star Gazing: Grab a blanket and look up at the stars together. We just moved to a house where we can see the stars! City lights aren’t blocking them out anymore! We will be implementing this idea!

red wine pour

Wine and dessert on the deck: Have a glass of wine and a cheesecake as you sit on the deck or in the backyard by the fire pit. I love this idea, and I may ask for a fire pit for my birthday!

Movie Night: Rent that movie you want to see and snuggle on the couch with some popcorn. This will remind you of dates prior to kids. We all remember the “neckin” (old people speak for making out) that happened those nights!

IKEA: They have built in childcare! If you have one close by, why not?!? I have only been to IKEA once because it’s a good hour away from us, but it was so much fun!

couple in bed

Go to bed early: You know what I’m talking about, girl!

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