It’s time to take advantage of all those group fitness classes your gym offers and put a little variation in your workout routine! Cardio classes are a great way to burn calories, learn new moves and keep motivated as you sweat through some of the hardest exercise regimes put together by the instructors. Cardio classes are perfect for all fitness levels, allowing you to adjust how hard you want to push yourself throughout the class. We challenge you to try your absolute hardest! Here are eight cardio classes that will whip you into shape.

pilates fitness class

Spinning: Also called indoor cycling, this workout burns a ton of calories while pushing your muscles to the brink. The stationary bike allows you to vary your workouts depending on your ability level, and you’ll definitely need the motivation from everyone around you to keep pushing to the end. Click here to find out more about spinning.


Cardio kickboxing: According to 3FC, cardio kickboxing combines martial arts and dance to improve endurance, cardiovascular fitness and tone your abs for a fun, total body workout! The upbeat music and high energy will have you jumping around throwing punches and kicks. To find out which style of boxing is best for you, click here.


ZumbaTalk about a fun workout! This Latin inspired dance class incorporates interval and resistance training that will have you sweating until the very end. Want to keep the good times rolling after your workout? Download our Zumba playlist and keep on shakin’ it!


Barre: If you want to get strong, long and lean like a dancer, then a barre class might just be perfect for you! According to Pure Barre, no dancing experience is required to take class, but be prepared for high intensity. It’s low impact, but focuses on tiny isometric movements and is one of the most effective ways to strengthen your body! Click here to find out why Barre is the new, best thing for your body!


TRX Suspension Training: The TRX Suspension Trainer is designed to use only your bodyweight to perform hundreds of some of the most effective and challenging workouts. TRX classes are a great way to be introduced to some of the variety of moves, and you’ll soon know why it’s one of the most used pieces of fitness equipment today!

TRX Training

Boot camp: Boot camps are a great, small group environment type of fitness class that combines calisthenic and body weight exercises with interval and strength training. Expect to be pushed to your peak fitness ability in this class while blasting some serious fat!


CrossFit: An extremely popular workout in the fitness community today, CrossFit uses high-intensity interval training, lifting, plyometrics, powerlifting, calisthenics and much more to create an extremely effective and hardcore workout! However, don’t be afraid of the intense training, CrossFit may bring on the pain, but the results will quickly follow!


Water aerobics: Perfect for people who have bad joints or are recovering from injury, water aerobics is a great low-impact cardio workout. Classes focus on endurance, resistance and strength training for an effective total body workout!

water aerobics

So if you’re sick of wasting your workouts just running on the treadmill, give one of these routines a try. Not only do these classes promote optimal fitness, having others there to cheer you on keeps you motivated to keep pushing through!