7WeirdThings StuckInHair_645

All moms have an arsenal of stories about their children and the wonky things they do. Forming imaginations are really the best comedy in a household with toddlers and pre-K children! From imaginary tales of princesses, warriors or paperclip eating monsters from lava-land, if we’re paying attention we learn that we’re living with stand-up comedians.

From the files of “Someday We’ll Laugh About This,” comes a list of the 7 weirdest things we found that children have put in their hair.

7– A toy racecar, the kind you drag backwards to create the momentum. Note: If you let it fly up your back, it hurtles into your hair.
6– A bird! This gives new meaning to the phrase “Hair like a bird’s nest.” We couldn’t find instances of rats in hair, thankfully!
5– Slinkies….it’s Slinky, a Slinky, it’s fun it’s a wonderful toy! Until you’re cutting it out of your child’s hair.
4– A fly strip. The glue on these strips is meant to catch bugs. But thanks to a few enterprising children, it also caught them!
3– Silly Putty. For making imprints of comics and inspiring Pixie cuts….
2– Electric Mixer beaters. Yikes! And this one is surprisingly, stomach achingly common.
1– Kittens. That’s right. Kittens. Sure it seems fun to lie down on the floor with sweet baby kittens, but when they start rolling around in your child’s locks, maybe not so much. That’s a hissing, growling, clawing chore for any mom coming to the rescue!

We’re quite certain we’ve missed a few good ones. With the kinds of mischief lots of enterprising children conjure up, there have to be some great stories out there of things moms have had to get out of a child’s hair. Are you one of those moms? We’d LOVE to hear your story!