Who doesn’t love a good challenge? Better yet, who doesn’t want a flat tummy?! Or a six-pack (for you over-achievers).

The book, 7 Weeks to 300 Sit-ups promises that if you follow their completely laid-out program, you will both strengthen and tone your abs in a way you never thought possible. Will you necessarily be able to do 300 non-stop sit-ups in 49 days from now? Maybe not. But, you will have the tools to get there, if that’s your goal. The real purpose of the book is to get you lean and strong with a more stable core, which, we know, is so important to just about every movement we make in a given day.

The book takes you through a number of familiar core exercise such as crunches, planks and bicycle crunches. But will also introduce you to the leg climber and stability ball circles. Back to those over-achievers…how about suspended crunches and the obst-core course? There is a program in this book for everyone. It is even broken down into: prep level, level 1 and level 2.

Are you ready for the challenge??

*7 Weeks to 300 Sit-ups can be purchased here.

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