Is there anything more unflattering than a jean that hits above your waste, accented with a bulky belt, washed in a light blue, with saggy booty material, and an oversized pocket?  That’s right ladies, I’m talking about the mom jean.  While this trend of declaring your mom status has long since departed, there is one thing making it’s appearance today….the mom haircut!!

We all know it’s hard to resist.  Those long tamed locks, full of body, curled perfectly, and teased to desire have since been replaced by stringy hair, that seems to be falling out by the handfuls, conditioned with regurgitated milk, casting a greasy shine, with the imprint of a hairtie just above the ear.  So you do it, you march in to your salon and declare “CUT IT OFF”!  Who has time to let their hair set for half an hour in rollers, you can barely squeeze in a quick rinse.

Cutting your hair off doesn’t mean you have to compromise style.  Chic can be simple! Here are a few golden rules when going short…

  • Figure out your face shape.  Are you round,heart, square…??  This will be the determining factor in the length you should keep your hair.  For example, if you are sporting a heart-shaped face, chances are you can pull off that killer cute Pixie. Imagine the time saver there!
  • Talk to your stylist.  Hair is what they do.  Ask their opinion.  It’s always best to set up a consultation before making any drastic hair decisions.
  • Schedule your appointment a week out.  Take time to sit and think on it.  If a week or two from now you are still ready to chop it off, go for it.  If you are second guessing yourself, maybe short is just not in the books for you right now!!
  • If you are still carrying around a bit of that baby weight on your face, you can never go wrong with an angled bob.  Angles really help to slim the face down.  Go a step farther and add stacked layers.  The taller the hair, the slimmer you look!
  • Take a picture of your favorite cuts in with you.  It’s easier to show someone something than it is to explain. With a picture, they get a feel for EXACTLY what you are looking for!!
  • After your cut ask to be shown how to style it different ways! It may cost a bit extra, but it’s better to be armed and ready the next morning, than frustrated and regretful!
  • Remember…it’s just hair!! And luckily it will grow back!  Have some fun with it!  If you hate it, well now you know!  Takes LOTS of pictures so if you ever feel the need to cut it again…you can pull them out and forget about it!!  Chances are though, you will love it, and even more love the ease with getting ready in the mornings!

Photo Credit: *Mr. Story* via Compfight cc