Everyone has different reasons which brought them to their decision to change their lifestyles. Some people are experiencing health problems, some want to regain ownership over their health and fitness, or possibly fit into a little black dress for a party, while others are just tired of not being comfortable in their own skin.  Regardless of the reason why, the one thing most people have in common is the desire to shout it from the rooftop once they start experiencing successes!

This is not only a great opportunity to receive recognition for all of your hard work, patience, consistency and dedication, but it is also your time to help motivate others by making your healthy living contagious.  One of the most rewarding things you can do is motivate others to kickstart a healthier lifestyle.


Share healthy recipes. Post recipes that you love on your Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest page. One healthy decision makes the next one much easier and if someone tries one of your favorite recipes and likes it, it may be just what they need to get started. This is a plus for getting someone to join your healthy train, and it’s great for you to have a potential healthy eating, recipe sharing, workout buddy!


Bring healthy dishes to share at gatherings. Many times people have mental blocks when it comes to healthier nutrition. They just need to know that healthy food does not need to be boring and tasteless. So many Skinny Mom recipes are taste tested and family approved without the family even know they are slimmed down versions. Give them a try, and you’ll see just how tasty skinny can be.

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Involve your familyRecruit them to find one new healthy recipe a week to try. Better yet, get them involved in the grocery shopping and cooking if possible. Make healthy eating a family affair so everyone can feel some ownership in the new family trends.


Invite them to the mall. It is always more fun to try on clothes when you are comfortable in your own skin. If they see your newfound confidence, it may inspire them to ask you to help!


Use your guest pass. Invite a friend to come to your gym with you and take a fun group class! Help people realize that exercise can be found outside a treadmill and elliptical machine. Expand their horizons with weight training, zumba, spinning, Pilates, TRX, etc. The possibilities are endless!


Participate in an online support group. With so many online forums and groups, find a place to lend your newfound knowledge and experiences. Or join challenges to keep you accountable and motivated. Skinny Mom offers great physical challenges every month like the Marathon Mom, Jump In and Break a Sweat and more!


Blog about it. You can reach so many people online who do not have support at home or in their social circles. Use Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and shout it from the rooftops! You have a story to tell, so share it with others and you’ll see motivation spread like wild fire!