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Achieving your fitness goals can be tough, especially if you feel like you’ve lost your motivation. You may have forgotten why you started, feel discouraged or just need an extra push to keep moving forward. Whatever the reason, if you find yourself stuck in a rut, check out these six tips to build your motivation from the ground up and have the confidence to reach your goals.

Create a motivation center. I have a motivation center on my fridge with old pictures of myself at my highest and lowest weight, motivational quotes and a calendar with my meal and workout schedule. You should put anything that motivates you here! I use plastic magnetic picture frames so I can write on them with dry erase markers. Whenever you find yourself losing motivation, change up this space with new things! All you need is a blank space on a wall or your fridge. Don’t have much wall space? Make a motivation book instead! You’ll have it forever and it’s a great way to track and view your progress.


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Join a support group. Join a group online, connect with your friends or try something more formal. The key to support groups is using them! And when you’re lacking motivation, speak up! They’ll help you work through it and pull you out of your funk.

Buy yourself a new workout outfit. Having pretty new fitness clothes from my favorite shops always gets me excited to work out.

Treat yourself to a heart rate monitor or activity tracker. These are great motivational tools to track your calories burned or just to keep you moving. Create a goal and get going to achieve it!

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Create a rewards system. For example, set a system that allows every X number of workouts you completed to treat yourself to a pedicure. Rewards could be anything that you truly desire — a massage, a new outfit, a healthy (or indulgent) treat. You could also work with your hubby to establish rewards you could really use, like 30 minutes of alone time, a load of laundry done and cleanup after dinner or your food-prep day.

Sign a contract with yourself. It could be a simple short-term or long-term agreement, but give it some serious thought and set a few obtainable goals. Don’t forget to include why you’re doing all this. Pull this document out when you need a reminder and amend it when needed.