It’s almost the anthem song of moms and dads everywhere! “How can I get my child to eat more vegetables?” Try these recipes out with your little ones and let us know how they liked them!

1. Supreme Pizza Smiles РPeppers, olives, tomatoes, and from there your  little ones can use their imaginations. Orange eyebrows? Sure! Shave some carrots. Carrot and tomato sauce actually go nicely together. Experiment!

2. Minty Pea Pops – I have personal experience here. These are delicious and my boys could not have cared less that they were eating peas. This might be the recipe that changed my 8 year old’s mind about peas.

3. Lunch Box Muffins – Mac & Cheese Flavor – This recipe from The Sneaky Chef uses carrots and sweet potatoes to create the orange color kids want from their mac & cheese.

4. Crispy Kale Chips – Do not sell your kids short. If you can sell them on the the green chips, these are crispy and delightful. In my house, we’ve gone through three or four gigantic bunches of kale in just a few days.

5. Triple Berry Spinach Smoothie – Hidden in the sweet purple berries is a healthy serving of spinach. Slurp away kids!

6. Chocolate Avocado Mousse¬†– “Can we have dessert?” Why yes…let’s have the superfood avocado! We’ll just dress it up with some chocolate.

7. Green (Zucchini) Muffins – Call these “Confetti Muffins” if you like. The strands of zucchini are pretty if they’re described the right way to the picky eater.

Do you have kid-approved recipes that sneak in the veggies? We’d love to hear about them!