The moment I step into a mall and smell Auntie Anne’s pretzels, I’m hooked. However the calories baked into those wonderfully soft pretzels are not as desirable as the pretzel taste itself. Plus pretzels are surprisingly versatile! From breading to desserts, the salty addition pairs with almost everything. Here are 7 healthy twisted recipes using pretzels:

1. Whole Wheat Giant Soft Summer Pretzels by Lunch Box Bunch: This is the classic street vendor pretzel gone healthy. Swapping out the enriched, bleached flour for whole wheat flour is only the first step. You will love how customizable this recipe is based on your taste buds. There are even options to make these more healthy, like adding flax, without sacrificing any of that great salty flavor!


2. Vanilla Pretzel Cookies by Calorie Count: What’s not to love? Pretzels and vanilla in cookie form. Seriously someone pinch me. There are only 77 calories in each cookie! Image Credit here


3. Pretzel Crusted Honey Mustard Chicken Strips by Dashing Dish: This clever recipe uses pre-made pretzels and smashes them up to create a fabulous pretzel breading for the chicken.  It’s an easy way to jazz up a boneless, skinless chicken breast.


4. Light Strawberry Pretzel Salad Recipe by SparkRecipes: This isn’t a lettuce salad. No, this is a wonderful jello-cream pie. The crushed pretzels make an awesome salty crust for this strawberry packed dessert! Image Credit here.


5. Whole Wheat Pretzel Dog by Family Spice: Make these even healthier using turkey hot dogs!


6. Sweet and Spicy Pretzel Mix by Eat Yourself Skinny: Beware: the cayenne pepper in this recipe will light a small fire in your mouth! But the sweet maple and cinnamon glaze will help balance it out. For 1/3 cup of this mix, there are only 142 calories. So snack away, ladies.


7. No-Bake Peanut Butter Pretzel Bars by Chocolate Covered Katie: Who doesn’t love peanut butter covered pretzels?! These take out most of the calories and all of the guilt over eating this delicious dessert.