Since it’s still April, an eco-friendly month and the home of Earth Day, we thought what better way to celebrate recycling than re-purposing?! Dust off those old photo frames and give them a makeover. You can transform them from a mere frame to a corkboard in less than 20 minutes.

Click the title of the craft for the full instructions!

1. DIY Corkboard: Not a ton to this one. Just spray paint the frame your preferred color and then staple in the cork board!


2. Magnetic Picture Frame: You will need a sheet of metal for this craft. But, rather than splurging on cutting and fitting the metal from Home Depot or Lowes, check if you have an old cooking sheet. They work perfectly as magnet boards!


3. Easy Decoupage Frames: Pick your favorite scrapbook paper and get some spray adhesive and a foam brush. You will also need an X-acto knife!


4. Fabric Art: You can even do this with Ikea fabric and products. In fact, that’s the first place I saw this idea.


5. Framed Table Trays: What a classy way to present your best batch of cupcakes, cookies and other finger foods?!


6. DIY Pedestal Picture Frame: Check out your local Homegoods and you will spot this picture frame style! It’s super shabby chic! It’s also as simple as it sounds.


7. DIY Frame Jewelry Hangers: This particular site has TONS of different ways to beautifully display your jewelry. Some are as simple as stapling netted material and others completely transform the frame. Pick whichever one best fits your time and place!