woman running on treadmill

Routines can be great, until they’re not.  A workout routine like get up, get dressed, and go to the gym is good, a workout routine like go to the gym and do the same exact thing every single time is not so great.  Think your routine is getting a little too routine?  Check our list of tell-tale signs it’s time to switch things up!

  1. Someone was in your spot in Zumba and you FREAKED. Your Tuesday morning Zumba class is not like a high school lunchroom.  You don’t own a spot, people can stand wherever they want, it’s a free country.  If you flip your lid because someone is in your “spot” it might be time to try a new class.
  2. You’re not sore the next day.  We’re not advocating you push yourself to the point of hurting yourself, but after a good workout your muscles should be a little sore.  If you do the same workouts day in and day out you’re not going to challenge yourself, and you’ll get to the point you’re not feeling the burn.
  3. You’re still really into Jazzercise.  I don’t need to explain, right?  If you’ve been doing the same exercises since you first got down to Olivia Newton John’s Physical it’s time to move on.
  4. You go on autopilot as soon as you pull into the gym parking lot.  Do you ever pull into your driveway and think “how the heck did I get here”?  Has it ever happened at the gym?  You mindlessly flash your membership card at the front desk, hit the floor and next thing you know the workout is over.  Here’s a pro tip, if you don’t have to think at all during your current workout, ditch it and find a new one.
  5. You’ve been using the same eight pound weights since you first started working out…in high school.  You shouldn’t just be varying your workout, you should be varying (increasing) the weight you use.  Years or even months of curling the same weight isn’t going to do a whole lot, so change it up!
  6. You’re such a cardio junkie you’d get lost if you wandered away from the treadmills at your gym.  Most gyms have cardio areas, weight rooms, spinning studios and group exercise spaces. Do you visit them all?  If you stay in just one area of your gym you’re missing out!  Shake things up with a class you’ve never tried, because you’ve got nothing to lose!
  7. Despite eating well and exercising you’re not seeing results.  If you’re doing everything right in the kitchen but still not seeing changes in your body it’s time to look at your workout.  Yes, eating well will result in weight loss, but if you want to build shoulders, arms, abs, legs, and a butt you’ve got to push your muscles, and you’re not going to push your muscles doing the same thing all the time.

fitness woman holding a scale

Don’t let a routine backslide into a rut.  Switch your workouts every month (give or take) and try to increase weights and/or intensity throughout the month.  It will keep you from getting bored and increase your results, so it’s a win win!