Sleepovers are an important part of growing up. Staying over at someone’s house and spending lots of time with friends is a great way for kids to have fun, get socialized, and learn how to follow new rules and respect other homes.  Snacks are one important element to the sleepover equation. Here are some healthy and delicious snacks to keep your guests happy all night long!

  1. Sprinkle Chex: Invented by kids, for kids! Try using  a butter substitute for a healthier approach to this fun snack! 


  2. Yogurt and Juice Pops: Summertime is all about frozen treats, and popsicles are the perfect route! Just pick some of the popular flavors and fresh fruit and prepare the night before for the perfect dessert.


  3. Homemade Potato Chips: These chips are baked, and since you make them yourself you know exactly what’s in them! No preservatives, just natural ingredients to keep your little guests happily munching the night away. 


  4. Homemade Healthy Reeses: Try out this delicious candy that has WAY less sugar than the original peanut butter cups. These are so good your kids won’t even know the difference!


  5. Skinny Oreo Cookies and Cream Milkshakes: Milkshakes are a great treat to have when the kids are hunkered down watching movies. This recipe uses lots of low fat ingredients, so kids can have that sweet treat while winding down and it won’t re-energize them later!


  6. Baked Corn Dog Bites: These bites are easy to make and so much fun to eat! Plus they are much healthier than the usual corn dogs you find at fairs, carnivals and even in your frozen food section at the grocery store.


  7. Snack Mix: Snack Mixes are great for kids because they offer a variety of different foods in one place! This website has a wide variety of healthy snack mixes to pick the perfect type for your group of kids!