There are so many nifty kitchen products on the market. We love exploring new and exciting gadgets. However, sometimes going back to basics is best. Here are 7 kitchen staples that are important but often do not get the credit they deserve.

JosephJoseph: Nesting Prep Bowls: These space-saving prep bowls are an all-in-one necessity. They will make your time in the kitchen more organized and much simpler. This set includes two mixing bowls, a sieve, a colander, and 5 measuring cups. All of these items are a kitchen staple individually but together they become a must-have product!

nesting prep bowls

Preserve: BPA-Free Cutting Board SetCutting boards are a must-have product in any kitchen. These cutting boards have all the features anyone could ask for when looking for the perfect set. This set comes with three color-coated boards – one for raw meat, one for cooked foods, and one for vegetables. You will never have to worry about any cross contamination. These BPA free, recycled material cutting boards are made in the USA and have a convenient curved handle for easy food transfer.

preserve cutting board set

Cast Itron Paper Towel Holder: Paper towel holders are an item we have all purchased in the past. They are a necessity that sit on our counter and are seen by all. But, for some reason, they are never very attractive. This paper towel holder breaks the mold with its bright finish and adorable bird ornament!

paper towel

Rachael Ray Lazy TongsKitchen tongs are one of the most basic kitchen tools and one of the most used. If you’re like us, you use your tongs then set them on the stove or counter leaving a mess of whatever food you are cooking. That is why we love these tongs by Rachael Ray. They have side notches so that they can rest on the pan when not in use. As Rachael would say – Brilliant!

rachael ray lazy tongs

Zyliss Safe-Edge Can Opener: Anyone who purchases canned goods absolutely needs a can opener. This safety can opener operates from the top of the can so that the can is not moving around while it is being opened. The handle has a rubbing coating for a good grip. Best of all, this can opener even leaves smooth edges after the can has been opened!

zyliss safe-edge can opener

Le Creuset Revolution Spatula Spoon: A spoon and a spatula in one! This is the product we have all been dreaming of since we started cooking. This spatula spoon allows you to scrape and scoop with one single tool. It comes in four bright colors to match any kitchen!

le creuset spatula spoon

Progressive Mandoline with GraterGrating cheese is such a daunting task; especially when you fear catching your knuckles on the grater. With this well-designed mandoline, you can grate without fear. You can also slice and julienne on the same kitchen tool!

progressive mandoline w grater

What are some of your go-to kitchen gadgets? Do you have and use any of our favorites?