I don’t know about you, but I love a good sandwich! Unfortunately, I find that my sandwich-making can find itself in a rut with bread, mayo and meat. No wonder I don’t like to bring my lunch to work with me! So I went on a search for some tastier ideas for a sandwich.  Some of these are easy to make ahead and others may be good if you have lunch at home.

1. Havarti Grilled Cheese—I actually watched the episode of Oprah where they made this sandwich. I made my own recipe off the top of my head from what I remembered from the show. This is probably my favorite grilled cheese EVER! Add the fresh basil and tomato and this is a winner for any lunch.

2. Chicken Meatball Sandwiches—Mix up your traditional meatball sandwich with this spicy chicken version. (photo credit here)

3. Grilled Chicken Breast with Rosemary Aioli—I love the smell and taste of Rosemary. This makes the grilled chicken sandwich so fancy!

4. Apple and Grape Chicken Salad—I love chicken salad. My traditional chicken salad just has chicken, egg and miracle whip. I often swap the miracle whip for Greek yogurt. Adding the grapes and apple give this chicken salad the crunch it needs. (photo credit here)

5. Turkey Sandwich with Lemon Mayo—Take that plain sandwich with mayo and throw in a twist. Add a tasty and tangy lemon mayo.

6. Pizza Grilled Cheese—Here is another twist to the traditional grilled cheese that is sure to be a pleaser for everyone! (photo credit here)

7. Strawberry and Cream Cheese Sandwich—How about a dessert type sandwich! I love strawberries and cream cheese. These would make for a sweet lunch treat and the cream cheese would provide your lunch protein.