eating on beach
Heading to the beach is a time to feel good and enjoy the sun!  Packing a cooler filled with delicious snacks is a great way to keep you looking great in your swimsuit and keep the family full and happy. Having snacks at the beach is a necessity, and the most important thing when packing your cooler is to pack finger food that can last in the heat. Check out these must have snacks for your next trip to the beach! (photo credit here)

1. Trail Mix: Creating your own homemade blend of nuts, dried berries, pretzels, or any delicious add ins of your choice is a healthy and satisfying treat. The perfect balance of salty and sweet. Be sure once you make your mix that you pack it in a zip lock bag so that it stays fresh and is easy to eat. (photo credit here)


2. Veggies & Hummus: For something that is both refreshing and healthy, be sure to cut up some veggies like celery and carrots. Not only will the veggies taste great down at the beach, but also they are loaded with vitamins and fiber. Pack your veggies in a container and chill in the cooler over ice. Don’t forget to add a small container of hummus to the cooler for dipping. Hummus is a tasty and healthy alternative to fatty dips such as ranch. (photo credit here)


3. Apples & Peanut Butter: If you have picky eaters, cut up some crisp apples the night before you head to the beach. TLC Cooking suggests adding a little lemon juice over them the night before to prevent them from browning. Be sure to pack some natural peanut butter for dipping. Purchasing the individual sized Peanut Butter To-Go packages are clean and easy to throw in the cooler. (photo credit here)


4. Wraps: Wraps are a great substitute for sandwiches at the beach. For the adults, turkey or left over grilled chicken with lettuce on a whole-wheat wrap is healthy and won’t get soggy sitting in the cooler. For the kids, suggests spreading some peanut butter & jelly on the wrap and cutting it into bite size pieces. Be sure to place your wraps in a plastic container so they stay sand-free! (photo credit here)

Turkey Club Wrap

5. Granola Bar: It doesn’t get much easier than tossing a box of packaged granola bars into the cooler. Granola bars are a great energy-booster and they won’t go bad sitting in the sun. Plus, the kids love them! (photo credit here)


6. Frozen Grapes: If you know you are heading out for some sun the night before, stick fresh grapes in your freezer that night. The grapes will gradually thaw throughout the day and provide a cold, refreshing snack to eat all day. Frozen grapes are also great for keeping everything else in the cooler chilled as well! (photo credit here)


7. Partially Frozen Water Bottles: Stick some water bottles in the freezer the night before the beach. When packing your cooler, place the water bottles throughout, keeping all the other snacks chilled during the day. The water bottles will gradually thaw and you will have ice-cold water to drink all day! (photo credit here)

water bottle