Getting that bikini-ready bod, doesn’t have to mean spending a ton of time and money at the gym! A simple way to start getting ready for swimsuit season is by picking up a resistance band! The beauty of these bands is their versatility and ease. They  basically take up no space at all, and they come in many different weights and strengths. This makes them the perfect training tool for every skill level from beginners to experts!  So, get ready for a full body workout in the comfort of your own living room!

I reached out to health and fitness expert, Jensen Brent, for his best resistance band exercises. Jensen is the Director of Training and Owner of The Academy of Sports Performance and has trained thousands of athletes and general fitness enthusiasts during the last 10 years. These are his top picks:

1. Good Mornings: Stand on the band with your feet spread shoulder width apart. Place the band behind your neck. Start in a bent over position with a straight back and stand to an upright position. These are great for building strong hamstrings, glutes, and low back. These are the foundations to a strong, healthy, and good looking body!

Good Mornings Resistance Band ALL

These should be done for four sets of ten.

2. Bent Over Rows: Do these with the band anchored under your feet. These will work your entire back as well as shoulders and biceps. This is a huge bang for your buck exercise.

Bent Over Rows Resistance Band ALL

These should be done for three sets of twenty.

3. Squat with Overhead Press: These are done with the band under your feet, standing straight up with arms bent. Squat down holding the handles or ends of the band and stand up, moving arms to a straight position. Overhead work is great for strengthening your core and using a band reduces the risk of the injury because you’re not holding heavy weights over your head.

Squat Overhead Press Resistance Band ALL

These should be done for four sets of eight.

4. Kneeling Glute Kickbacks with Resistance Band: Place the resistance band around one foot and assume an all-fours position. Kick back with the foot that the resistance band is looped around. Slowly lower your leg back down to starting position, controlling the band and being sure not to let it snap back to place. The use of bands with these makes it much easier to continually alter the difficulty, so they will work for both beginners and advanced trainees.

Kneeling Glute Kickback Resistance Band ALL

These should be done for three sets of eight on each side.

5. Band Pull Aparts: To do this exercise, straighten your arms so they are parallel with your shoulders. Hold the band at either end and pull it apart while pulling your shoulder blades together. This will work to strengthen and develop all of the upper back muscles as well as the shoulders and triceps.

Resistance Band Pull Aparts ALL

These should be done for three sets of thirty.

6. Lunge with Overhead Tricep Extension: Hold the resistance band with one hand above your head. Grab it with the other hand behind your back. Step into a lunge with the same side of your body that is holding the resistance band overhead (if you are holding it overhead with the right hand, the right leg lunges forward). As you lower, pull the resistance band taut with the overhead hand. As you come out of the lunge, bend your elbow to release the tension on the resistance band.

Lunge Overhead Tricep Extension ALL

These should be done for three sets of ten on each side.

7. Resistance Band Pike: Wrap the middle of the band around both feet and lie on your back. Hold the ends of the resistance bands in both hands and pull taut. Start with your feet in the air. Lower your legs slowly until your feet are inches from the ground. Then, slowly bring them back up to the starting position.


Resistance Band Pike

These should be done for three sets of fifteen.


Ready for more bikini-ready moves? Check out the Skinny Mom Fitness Index! Do you like to exercise with a resistance band? What are some of your favorite resistance band exercise?