Besides feeling like a total baller from working out before the sun comes up, there are so many mental and physical benefits that makes setting your alarm 30 minutes earlier so worth it! From waking up your metabolism with a serious jolt and releasing your feel-good-hormones to setting yourself up to eat better throughout the day (seriously, who wants to waste your 5 AM hard work with a doughnut from yesterday’s breakfast meeting?), you’ll be switching your nightly sweat sesh’s for a nice wake up call. The best part? You won’t miss out on family time in the evenings as most of your brood will be sleeping while you’re hitting it hard at the gym!

Check out 7 other reasons Women’s Health says morning workouts are good for you!

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You won’t have to squeeze it in before happy hour. Because you’re not going to go after you grab “just one drink” at the office party. Even if you seem fine, it’s not a good idea to work out after a glass of wine.

You’ll fire up fat burning when you need it most. “You’re going to start your day with your metabolism revved up,” says Monica Nelson, American Council on Exercise-certified personal trainer. “Which means you’re going to burn through the food you eat during the day, rather than when you’re sleeping.” Especially clutch when your coworkers are bringing in homemade holiday fudge.


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You’ll be better able to focus. Your chances of getting distracted are way lower first thing in the morning, says Nelson. Think about it: It’s a lot easier to focus on your workout when no one is emailing or texting you every five seconds. Seriously, not even Twitter is awake yet.