skinny lasagna roll

“Meatless Monday” was a campaign initially started during World War I as a way for our country to ration and save resources. It was revived in 2003, through the support of Johns Hopkins, this time with a focus on health. Since then it has continued to grow in popularity with an ever-expanding list of celebrity endorsers and participating families across the globe. So why should you give it a try? Making this small change just one day a week can have powerful and lasting effects. Here are seven reasons you should consider taking the pledge to go meatless every Monday!

Helps Shed Pounds: Studies show that people who eat less meat tend to maintain lower body weights. Choosing your food carefully is still important, but meals focused on vegetables, whole grains and beans are typically lower in calories than their meat-filled alternatives.

Full of Fiber: Vegetarian meals tend to be higher in fiber, which will leave you feeling full longer. Fiber can also help flatten your stomach, something that can be very appealing on the Monday following a weekend splurge or two.

Happy Healthy Heart: Reducing your meat intake can lower the amount of saturated fat you consume, which reduces your risk of heart disease.

Fight Cancer: Red meat consumption has been associated with colon cancer and diabetes. Higher consumption of fruits and veggies may decrease your risk of other cancers as well.

Good for the Environment: Reducing our overall dependence on meat can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and greatly lowers the amount of fossil fuels and water used up by the meat industry.

Broaden Your Horizons: Making Meatless Monday a family activity can be a lot of fun. Use it as an opportunity to find new recipes and try new foods. Let your kids decide the menu and you might be surprised what they are willing to try (tofu?). Check out our Skinny Vegetarian Board on Pinterest!

Awareness: I’m a fan of any challenge that takes me out of my comfort zone and makes me more aware of the choices I’m making each day. You may be surprised at how easy it can be and how many delicious vegetarian options are truly at your disposal. Restaurants included!

For more information check out the official Meatless Monday website here.

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