Keep a Water Bottle Handy.  To cut down on waste and keep your water intake consistent, consider investing in a refillable water bottle. Find one that fits everywhere you need to take it, like the office and the gym. (Click HERE for 10 super-cool options!)

Ditch the Caffeine. Nutrition MD tells us that drinks with caffeine actually causes our bodies to lose water! Instead of soda, coffee or tea, opt for flavored H2O!

Eat Your Water.  Drinking fluids is not the only way to get them into your body. Livestrong gives us a list of foods high in water content that not only keep us hydrated but can aid in weight loss as well!

Drink Water Early In the A.M. After a night of sleep, your body needs to refuel. According to Bliss Plan, drink as much water as you can in the morning to get your body replenished for the day.


Remember the 70/70 Rule. Avoid dehydration by knowing when you are most susceptible to it. tells us that when both heat and humidity are above 70 degrees, we are in the dehydration danger zone. In these weather conditions, up your fluid intake to keep you hydrated.

Drink On a Schedule. It may be hard to keep track of what you drink and how often so take a tip from and drink your fluids on a schedule. Set an alarm on your phone or have a glass every hour to make sure your stay properly hydrated.

Put Back What You Use.  Think about how often your use the restroom or break a sweat. Be sure that you replace these outputs by putting fluids back in! says to chug a glass of water after each bathroom trip to replace fluids lost.