Getting and staying in shape can be as taxing as a full time job. Prepping meals and scheduling workouts…it’s a lot of work. If you’re doing the work, eating right and working out, but aren’t seeing results, it might be time to examine your post-workout habits. As unfair as it is, a misstep or two following a workout can be enough to stall or even halt progress. So next time you finish up a spin class, make sure you’re not committing any of these errors.

scrambled eggs in a skillet

Not eating right away. A good workout taxes your muscles and they need to be replenished in order to repair. Your body needs protein and carbs post workout as soon as possible. Don’t push yourself to wait as long as you can thinking you’re burning fat.

soft tacos with meat

Eating too much. Your body needs food post-workout, but it needs good food. Twenty minutes on the treadmill doesn’t earn anyone the right to hit Taco Bell. No offense, Taco Bell.

skinny mom back stretch on a foam roller

Not using a foam roller. Foam rollers are used as a method of self myofacial release. That’s a fancy way of saying foam rolling relaxes muscles, breaks up scar tissue, increases blood flow, and encourages lymphatic drainage. Increased blood flow allows fatty acids to be released into the blood stream to be used for energy. Why not use every weapon you possibly can in the battle of the bulge. Not sure how to use a foam roller? Click here.

woman holding shoulder in pain

Not getting enough rest. In order for your muscles to repair and grow they need adequate rest. Ideally, you should rest muscles for at least 24 hours between workouts.

fitness woman drinking sports drink after exercise

Rehydrating with the wrong drinks. Sports drinks can contain over 300 calories as well as tons of sugar. Why cancel out your workout with just a few sips? You don’t need sports drinks, you just need water. For more information, read Are Electrolyte Replacement Drinks Necessary Post-Workout?

woman adjusting settings on treamdill at the gym

You’re overestimating. We tend to underestimate the calories we consume and over estimate the calories we burn. Be honest with yourself about your workout. Don’t round up, and don’t just assume your workout burned 1,000 calories.

woman lying on couch thinking

You’re making excuses. Do you tell yourself that a yoga class was so hard you need three days to recover? Or running a 5K warrants eating whatever you want for a week? If you make excuses like these, quit it.

Are you guilty of any of theses mistakes? Fear not, they’re easy enough to overcome. It just takes a little extra planning and mindfulness and you’ll be well on your way to your fitness goal!