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As moms, times of boredom are few and far between. However, in the rare instance that you do have a few extra minutes of nothing to do, it can be tempting to snack! Here are a few ways to keep yourself busy so eating out of boredom will not be what keeps you from your weight loss goals.

1. Polish your nails. Not only will your hands be occupied while polishing your nails, but also during the drying process! Nothing is worse than a smudging a freshly painted nail.

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2. Sew, crochet, etc. Once again, your hands will be occupied and you can also get a new pair of mittens or hat out of this project – double win!

3. Go for a walk. This is another win-win hobby, as you not only keep yourself from eating unnecessarily, but you will also help your weight loss efforts through exercise!

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4. Call a friend/family member. This is a great way to catch up with those you love. Along with that, such individuals are likely supporting your weight loss efforts which will only motivate you to stay on track with your goals!

5. Play with your kids or pets. This is just another way to fit in exercise, all while spending quality time with your children or pets!

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6. Write down your feelings. Occasionally, mindless eating can stem from hoarded feelings of sadness, despair, anger and even celebration! Get it all out and relieve some of those pent up feelings by writing them down. You may learn that certain feelings can be triggers to binge eating, as well.

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7. Read. Flip through a book, magazine, blogs, Skinny Mom articles, anything. Just be careful with the food on Pinterest… that may make you hungrier!

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