If you like the taste and health benefits of fish but feel like it’s only something you can eat in a restaurant, this is the article for you. Fish is actually one of the quickest, easiest meals you can make because the key is to not overcook it.

The 10-Minute Rule: Measure your piece of fish at the thickest point. It should cook for ten minutes per inch. Half an inch thick? Five minutes and dinner is done!


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If you’re cooking fish in foil, add five additional minutes to the total cooking time.

Fresh fish shouldn’t have an overwhelming “fishy” smell. Of course it has an “oceany” scent, but it shouldn’t smell offensive. Good fish won’t stink up your house afterwards.

Crisp skin comes from sautéing your fish in a very hot pan. If the skin sticks, your pan was not hot enough, or the fish was wet. Make sure to pat the skin side completely dry before putting it in the pan.


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If you’re grilling your fish, make sure the grill is VERY clean and oil it before cooking the fish.

Flip it once. If you’re using the ten minute method, flip in the middle!


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