You can never have too much variety when it comes to your workout. Going back to the basics — gym class pushups, jumping jacks and laps — is always an easy route. But “easy” doesn’t get you results and neither does monotony. So let’s add some varying degrees of difficulty to the basic pushup. These will make the move even more dynamic than it already is!

Add a medicine ball: By putting a medicine ball under one hand, you will be able to change up the way your muscles are working! This move is called a Rotating Medicine Ball Pushup and you can learn more about it by clicking here.

medicine ball push-up

Make it a yoga push up: Target those triceps by reigning in those elbows. This pushup is done simply by changing your hand placement! To find out more, click here.


Turn it into a push up jack: Add a little bit of cardio to your push up with the push up jack. Rather than just lowering down, kick your legs out to your sides. Click here for deals.


Grab a Bosu: Bosu balls test your balance, so make sure you are using the proper form! Not only will this work your upper body in a new way, but the balancing aspect will help to tighten all over! To learn proper form, click here.


Focus on the obliques: Try a Side Pushup. This really forces you to work on your obliques and is a great way to change up your fitness routine. Click here to learn more about this move.

Side Push Up_ALL brooke griffin skinnymom

Shine bright like a diamond. You should feel this one in your triceps. It has the look of a regular pushup but the hand placements is different. How? Your hands make a diamond shape! See it done here.

Diamond Push Up_ALL workout skinnymom brooke griffin

Add a Row: Grab a pair of weights between 5-8 lbs. and grip them in your starting plank position. Adding weight to your row will really build up muscles and challenge you in a new way. For step-by-step instructions, click here.

row push up