Carving time out of your day to exercise sometimes feel impossible. We get it. However, you don’t need to spend 60 uninterrupted minutes at the gym to see results. Since our time is so valuable, our favorite fitness regimens at Skinny Mom are bodyweight exercises and plyometrics as the compound movements maximize our time and energy and result in a fat-blasting, calorie-torching scorcher of a workout.

Here are 17 moves that Brooke always includes in her routine because they work the entire body and get your heart racing like no other!


feet on medicine ball push up

1. Feet On Medicine Ball Push Up: Push ups are already one of the best workouts for you. Add a medicine ball for extra strength, endurance, and balance, and you’ve just amped up an old favorite in more ways than one!

reverse plank with leg rise
2. Reverse Plank with Leg Rise: This move will work you head to toe. You’ll feel the burn in your legs from the plank hold and leg raise, in your abs as you keep them nice and tight for balance and proper form, and your shoulders and upper back for keeping you stable during the plank.

step jump

3. Step Jump: Using a step, a bench or anything stable you have laying around, you can get your heart racing and legs moving with this great move!

boso plank pushup
4. Bosu Push Up: This push up obviously targets your chest, shoulders and back, but by flipping a Bosu Ball on its back, you put your core in overdrive as it must stay engaged to keep you balanced.

ab roll up

5. Ab Roll Up:
This is one of my favorite ab exercises that also incorporates some major cardio. The more you practice, the more fluid you’ll be able to make this move. Don’t get discouraged if you look a little fish-out-of-water at first!

lateral raise
6. Lateral Raise: Just because this move looks simple, doesn’t mean it’s not difficult! This lift will leave your arms sore in that hurt-so-good feeling.

VS incline press

7. VS Incline Press: This move will not only tone your entire middle, but your arms as well!

four corner box jump

8. Four-Corner Box Jump: This cardio work will get your heart racing immediately and you’ll feel the love in your quads in no time. Keep your squat low and your pace quick.

crossover lunge with bicep curl
9. Crossover Lunge with Bicep Curl: This move gives the basic lunge a little twist. Engage your muscles in a new way with the crossover step, and make this a compound movement with the bicep curl addition.

knee high butt kickers

10. Knee High + Butt Kickers: Keep your core tight as your get up and get moving!  This move is sure to keep your heart rate up.

mountain climbers

11. Mountain Climbers: This one is right up there with burpees for one of the most hated exercises. But you know an exercise is good if everyone hates it but keeps doing it…means the results always outweigh the difficulty!

arabesque taps
12. Arabesque Taps: This move is perfect for yoga fanatics and requires a good amount of flexibility and balance. It’s a great way to tone your core as well as get a great, much needed stretch!

switch kicks
13. Switch Kicks: Watch your balance by engaging your abdomen as you kick your legs quickly! The faster you go (with keeping good form), the more you’re sweating, toning, burning.

Chair Dip with Straight Legs

14. Chair Dip: This move is great because you can do it at home on a chair, on a weight bench at the gym, or a park bench while the kids play!

plank jack
15. Plank Jack: This is a great plank variation that mixes cardio and strength through bodyweight training! Be careful not to let your back arch or sag.

Spiderwoman Push Up
16. Spiderwoman Push Up: Challenge your usual push up by channeling your favorite super hero!  This will help to engage more muscles than your average push up!

Bestie Plank 1
Bestie Plank 2

17. Bestie Plank:  This move is great if you like to work out with a friend!  This will keep you motivated to squeeze in a few more before you end your sweat sesh.

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