Are you a self proclaimed nail polish junkie? Sometimes an exciting night just consists of a glass of wine and a plethora of  polishes…pure joy! But do you get frustrated that your nails keep breaking or how your manicure won’t even last five days? Just like your skin, your nails can dry out and peel, so it’s important to take great care of them. You can keep them healthy by staying hydrated, grooming, trimming, and getting regular manicures and pedicures. Here is a nail care 101 for you to achieve fabulous and healthy nails!


Don’t overload on polish. We’ve all been guilty of this – applying, removing, layering it on thick, and applying polish without a base coat. The number one rule of healthy nails is to never apply the polish on too thick. Too much nail polish can cause staining which leads to yellowing of the nails and also sensitive nails. To avoid this, limit your manicures to no more then 3 times a month and apply a base coat to your nails every time you paint them. Our personal favorite is Essie First Base: Base Coat. It’s more expensive than other drug store base coats but definitely worth it. Also be sure to let each coat dry before you apply the next. Be patient and do it right the first time. Because who has time to go back and fix a nail that smudged?

Don’t bite your nails. This can be such a hard habit to break because you usually bite your nails without even realizing that you’re doing it. But this is a habit that needs to be broken. Plus it’s gross. Who knows what germs you have under your nails? Your fingers are touching everything, so don’t bite your nails! Besides the obvious sanitary reasons, it also weakens your nails and ruins your manicure.


Nail polish remover alert! Drugstore polish remover is absolutely fine, but next time you take a trip to the store seeking a nail polish remover, ditch the dollar deals and opt for the more expensive brand. A great one is the Sally Hansen Moisturizing Non-Acetone Polish Remover, which is only a couple dollars more. Opt for non-acetone remover as it is gentler on your nails.

Skip The Gel Mani.  Yes, you read that correctly. Gel polish is not good for your nails! You have to put your hands under a UV light to let the chemicals harden, and to remove this polish you must soak your nails in pure acetone and then have the polish scraped off. That does some serious damage to your nails. Save yourself time and money and just get a simple manicure instead.

Show Your Cuticles Some Love.  Make sure to keep your cuticles trimmed and moisturized. We are loving Essie Apricot Oil. It’s amazing! Apply it to your cuticles every night before bed and it leaves them so moisturized and fresh.


Dose Up On The Biotin! Biotin is an amazing supplement that has many benefits. It keeps your hair, skin, and nails looking healthy and shiny. There are a lot of pricey brands on the market but they all do the same thing, so opt for the middle of the road brand called Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails. It works wonders!

Moisturize. Keep your hands moisturized. As a result, your nails will look much better. Remember to apply sunscreen to your hands! Your hands show your age so keep them looking young and spotless by applying sunscreen! It’s never too late, so start now!