We all experience stress at different times in our lives: stressful days, stressful periods, even stressful phone conversations. It’s important to know ahead of time things that can help calm you down, rather than snapping and yelling at a poor innocent bystander.

Run: You can sort through your stresses and come up with solutions during a good long run.

Photo Credit: Polara Studio

Deep breaths: When you can’t take 30 minutes to de-stress, taking some good deep breaths can really calm you down.

Walk: Sometimes a long walk gives you the time to separate yourself from the situation and enjoy nature at its finest.

Make a list: Sit down and break down the issue into a list. Rather than looking at the big picture, break it down into smaller jobs. For instance, say you need to clean the house. Looking at your entire house as one project will make you want to turn and run. Instead, clean bedrooms on Sunday, bathrooms on Monday, main floor on Tuesday and kitchen on Wednesday. Your house still gets cleaned but you’ll only work for an hour a day rather than spending an entire Sunday cleaning.

Yoga: You will find that at the end of a yoga session, your body releases any tension it was holding and you will just feel calm.


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Talk to someone: Sometimes talking to someone outside of the situation helps because they see it from a different, unbiased perspective.

Spend time with your family: The best stress reliever of all is to spend time with your family, whether that means your kids and husband, your siblings, your parents or even close friends.  It puts things in perspective and helps you remember what is most important in life.