Light ’em up! Your grill, that is! Summertime is cookout time! Get your grills fired up, and get ready to impress your guests with these healthy and delicious “Skinny Mom Approved” burger recipes!

1. Cherry Burgers:  Mixing dried cherries into lean ground beef reduces fat and increases antioxidants. (via Eating Well) (photo credit here)

2. Grilled Hawaiian Teriyaki Burgers: Perfect for your next luau themed cookout! (via Skinny Taste) (photo credit here)

3. Asian Salmon Sliders with Citrus Yogurt Sauce: For a healthy twist on the classic slider (via Women’s Health Magazine) (photo credit here)

4. Garden Chicken Burgers with Strawberry Sauce: What could possibly say “summer” better than strawberries?  (via Women’s Health Magazine) (photo credit here)

5. Low-Fat Sausage Topped with Skinny Honey Mustard Coleslaw: Prefer a brat?  Try this healthy alternative that’s topped with a sweet honey mustard.  (via Skinny Kitchen)

6. Lentil Quinoa Burgers: Have you hopped on the “Meatless Monday” trend yet? Give these lentil packed burgers a try for a vegetarian option. (via Women’s Health Magazine) (photo credit here)

7. Spicy Mexican Turkey Burgers: Turkey burgers are a fantastic grill option, but you can easily spice it up! Try our skinny seasoning for a fabulous zing! (via Skinny Mom)