As a Mom it is easy to get so wrapped up in taking care of our families we forget to take care of ourselves.  We often grab something quick and not healthy as we race off to get everyone where they need to be or forget to pack our own lunch and end up in a drive-thru somewhere. Here are some habits that I use to make sure I am staying healthy.  I am a better mom when I take care of myself!


1. Food Prep –  I do my food prep on Sunday but it is important that you pick a day that works best for you. Make grab and go items, use snack bags and fill with your favorite snack and portion controlled too! (photo credit: here)

2Keep your hands off the leftovers –Keep away from the last 3 bites of their grilled cheese, the chips left on the plate, the extra roll.

Serious woman in sports bra doing sit-ups on exercise mat
3. Put exercise on the calendar –This way it is not just something I get to if I have time. (photo credit: here)

4. Find time for yourself – You can’t be there for everyone all of them time, there has to be time for you.

5. Be active with your kids – Find ways to be active with your kids! Instead of watching TV, sit down and do a puzzle, play a game,  or go for a bike ride.

6. Go out with other moms – Go out to dinner or coffee. Other Moms can be such a great support and reminder that we are all going through similar struggles.

7. Schedule a date night – Not everybody has babysitters around and they can be expensive. My favorite thing is date night in, we put the kids to bed order takeout and spend time together. (photo credit: here)