Forget running. We have a roundup of creative ways to burn some quick calories. These aren’t crazy workout moves. Most of these are activities you can do with the whole family! Check out these 7 invigorating activities:

  1. Jumping Rope: Remember the good ol’ days on the playground when you were the jump rope champ? Bring those back for a fun blast from the past.

  2. Play Basketball: Grab your kids for a quick pick up game! Get the whole family moving with a fun competition that uses cardio, strength and coordination.

  3. Dancing: Blast those tunes and shake your hips! Dancing can burn loads of calories and is a great stress relief. You can even turn it into a full on dance party

  4. Box with a Friend: Share the burn with a pal and box those calories away. Nothing more fun than a friendly competition right?

  5. Jump on a Trampoline: Did you know jumping on a trampoline for around 12 minutes burns 100 calories? So give into your kid’s pleas and indulge in the trampoline (you know you wanted it anyway).

  6. Rollerblade: Weeeeee! Strap on those skates and let loose! Rollerblading for 10 minutes burns 100 calories, and it’s a great mode of transportation. I’ve seen more rollerbladers out in the nice weather, and it’s definitely making me want to dust mine off and get back on the streets!

  7. Rearranging furniture: Always wanted to change up the living room but never made time? Take 15 minutes and change it, up and you’ll burn 100 calories in the process. Your room will get the fresh look it needs, and you’ll be getting healthier by the minute!