Looking for a little spice in the bedroom? That spice may already be sitting in your spice rack, and you just don’t know it. There are always the classic oysters if you want some special nighttime fuel, but your entire pantry has all sorts of mood helpers when it comes to your romantic rendezvous.


Celery: Give that attraction you feel for your husband a boost with this seemingly bland vegetable. Celery has tons of the pheromones, androstenal and androstenone, which attract women. Those sweet nothings he whispers to you will be even sweeter with pheromones on his breath.


Broccoli: Add this veggie to the dinner plate to rev up your man’s engine. Broccoli has high amounts of Indole-3-carbinol which is a libido booster for him. It also is high in vitamin C which can improve your libido as well. However, there are some studies that show that broccoli can hurt your own sex drive, so shovel your serving on his plate and load up on one of the other food boosters for safe measure.


Cloves: Spiced cider is perfect for the winter, and now, it can be even better for your sex life. Whip up a batch of this cozy brew and curl up with your love since cloves have long been used to treat male sexual dysfunction. They also have a pleasant aroma which can’t be bad for the mood setting.


Bananas: Just as you would fuel for a long race, make sure you are getting the right food to build your bedroom endurance. Bananas are loaded with B-vitamins which are perfect for endurance activities, which is what we are aiming for in the bedroom, right?


Watermelon: This juicy melon is not just perfect for your summer barbeque. Watermelon has loads of citrelline, an amino acid which is great for good vascular health. A healthy heart means healthy blood flow, and healthy blood flow means a better sex drive. Get yourself in the mood and help out your heart with this sweet treat.


Eggs: Just as you need the protein during a grueling workout, you should stock up on protein rich foods like eggs to keep your stamina in tip-top bedroom shape. Eggs have also been shown to treat erectile dysfunction, so cook up a late-evening omelet for your man.


Pumpkin Seeds: Pumpkin carving has a whole new appeal, when you find out how much it is going to help in the bedroom. The vitamins and minerals in pumpkin seeds, such as zinc, are great libido boosters.


Load up on all of these foods before your evening activities to give your bedroom time the boost it needs (or you just want) this winter.