There’s nothing better than a sweet summer breeze. Well, actually there may just be one thing: wind chimes. So long as the wind isn’t too fierce, the gentle clinging and dinging of chimes is tranquil. You don’t have to pay tons of money for this great sound and you can even get some quality family time creating it! Here are 7 DIY Chimes:

1. DIY Terracotta Wind Chime by Home Made Simple: Simplicity at its finest. You can go earthy and keep the terracotta raw or paint them to match your outdoor color scheme. I’ve also seen these pots turned into animal chimes as well–search for a ladybug flower pot wind chime.


2. Summer Time Chime Tutorial by Michele Made Me: Such a clever idea! This wind chime is entirely made from the dollar store’s selection. But, the painting on these bamboo stalks are hand painted.


3. Shell Chimes by Crafter-holic: Just as it sounds, all you have to do is string some shells together. Let the sounds of the ocean roll into your backyard.


4. Upcycled DIY Wind Chime by Hands On As We Grow: Don’t throw away your empty soup cans just yet! Grab some paint, brushes and your kids for this one. Your little helpers can even take part in the hammering process (with your assistance of course).


5. Steampunk Wind Chime by Urban Threads: Now, this one is a little interesting because the top of the chime is crossed stitched. The rest is spray painted “doo-dads.” Pick from gears and beads–really anything metal or hollow.


6. Capize Shells and Flower Pot Wind Chime by My Home My Style: How professional does this wind chime look?! I always love capize shell jewelry. The colors are fabulous as well. You will need your hefty tools for this project though!


7. Upcycled Beer Bottle Wind Chime by The Clever Blog: It’s the adult version of the cans chime. That means it’s twice as complicated to make. But the outcome is gorgeous and the acoustics are wonderful too!