Summer is the season we associate with vacation, bikinis, and family bonding, but as moms, we know that life doesn’t truly have vacation time. Being a busy mom is a 24-hour, 365-days-a-year occupation. On top of our Supermom job requirements, we also have obligations to ourselves: a healthy lifestyle, to find alone time and especially that oh-so-precious spouse time. If you are finding your summer schedule is becoming too hectic for date night, consider date day. Set a date, and spend the day with your significant other doing one of these awesome outdoor activities. There’s no shame in killing two birds with one stone, every busy mom knows that, and these activities will keep you active in the beautiful summer weather, and provide quality time for yourself and your partner!

Rock-climbing: This may seem like an adventurous idea, but if you’ve never tried it, you have to experience this exhilarating activity! There are plenty of places that will allow you to rock climb and will even provide lessons or a guide. There are various experience levels so starting at a beginner level is completely normal. Rock-climbing is a full body workout, and learning the sport together will bring you and your spouse closer than ever. Look up your nearest national park or rock-climbing location and make a day of it! (photo credit here)

Biking: If you and your spouse are biking-lovers, make a date of it and get active. Take a picnic to your nearest park with you and spend the day exploring. Find a state park or biking trail you’ve never been to and go on a bike ride. If you’re an avid biker and want to get really adventurous, go on a biking road trip, and spend the day site seeing and stopping at tourist spots in your state along the way. (photo credit here)

Caving: This may come as a surprise but there are a lot of unknown opportunities with caving. A lot of state parks have caves that you can take the day and explore, many famous or old caves have tours you can go on, or guides for more experienced cavers who want a challenge. Do some research and try this truly life-changing experience! (photo credit here)

Water Date: Depending on your location, a day by the water can be a great physically active date. If you live close to the ocean, do a group couples date and play some beach volleyball and do dinner at a nearby local restaurant. If you don’t live near the ocean, find the nearest river or creek that offers canoeing or kayaking (there are a surprisingly number of options) and schedule a day when the weather is supposed to be rain-free. Spend the day canoeing with your spouse, bring a packed lunch, and enjoy all the beauty canoeing has to offer. (photo credit here)

roe canoes

Hiking: Spending the day at a park can be both relaxing and fun. Find a nature park near you that offers walking trails or site seeing and spend a day exploring or hiking. The more intense the trail or hike, the more intense your workout is. Challenge yourself or make it a relaxing walk, either is great for bonding and physical activity. Most will allow pets so take your dog along and spend the day playing with your spouse and man’s best friend! (photo credit here)

Canyon Ranch Hiking.  Kennedy Park, Lenox, MA.

Outdoor Sports: If you or your partner have a favorite hobby or sport that you can play out of doors, make it a date. Spend some time outside playing a game of soccer or basketball together, and follow it with dinner at your favorite restaurant! As simple as it is, spending the time together having fun and letting loose can be a great date. (photo credit here)

Learn A New Sport: Learning something new this summer like tennis or golf could be a great bonding experience for you and your partner. Take lessons somewhere as a pair and this could be an opportunity every week or so for you guys to get some quality time while getting a workout and learning a new sport that could become a favorite. (photo credit here)

Tennis couple