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I think it’s important for our kids to see us living a healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating right. While we all have our separate activities, For my husband and myself it’s running, Gracie it’s dance, and Ashton it’s swimming, we also find physical activities to do as a family.  Yes, it’s important for us each to have our own activity to develop lifelong habits, it’s also important to show our children how to do these things as a family to carry on to their families someday.

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Cooking is a family affair. Make it a game to see who can find the recipe with the most nutritional content and the least fat and calories.

If you have a gaming system, there are many choices of games that require the body to get up and get moving.  Focus on these types of games versus the ones that just involve sitting.

My youngest, Gracie, is a ballerina through and through and definitely not a runner, but she loves The Color Run. Doing a 5K like this is a fantastic family event.  There is running involved, but not timed and lots of fun.

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Instead of staying in watching television do something outdoors as a family.  In the winter months go sledding, in the summer swim or hike together.

I mentioned all of our separate activities and I find it is important for us to support one another as a family.  For example, when Gracie has a performance we make it a family event and all our involved.  Gracie’s dance performances are an all-out family event. Daddy helps backstage, and Ashton and I help out at the front of the house. Doing this as a family encourages rather than discourages.

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When planning your family vacation, plan an adventure or two in it.  Every summer we take a family cruise, yes, this can be very sedentary and involve lots of food, if you let it, but we opt for adventurous shore excursions.  Last year we entered The Amazing Cozumel Race.  This was much like the TV show and required us to run the streets of Cozumel, swim, and figure out clues.  This ranks as one of our number one favorite things we have done as a family.

Some of our best family memories have been spent doing something physically active together. This is twofold because it not only makes us physically stronger it also makes us a strong family unit.

Tell us how you love to stay fit as a family, and for more on encouraging fitness, check out 16 Ways to Raise Fit Kids!