Vacations are necessary for just about everyone, especially for busy moms who are always on the go. As therapeutic as vacations can be, they’re even better when you’re able to maintain your healthy lifestyle while taking a break from the daily grind. The key to a vacation well-spent is by planning as much as you can ahead of time and preparing for anticipated circumstances such as rainy days and nights out. Here are tips to keep you active during your next vacation:

family vacation

Go exploring! Set aside some time to research your vacation getaway before you leave. Look up local hiking trails, bike rentals and suggested routes, specialty classes (archery, fishing, cooking), excursions (canoeing, kayaking, white water rafting), and a list of local attractions. If there are trails nearby your vacation spot, pack your bikes, rollerblades, scooters, and baby strollers from home and take them out whenever possible. Bonus points if you are able to stock up on some hand or ankle weights to wear while you explore with your family!

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Load up on toys. On your way to your vacation spot, pick up some toys to keep you and your family occupied for hours outside. Frisbees, soccer balls, badminton and beach toys are popular choices, but whatever you can find to keep your kids entertained while you find ways to stay active is good enough!

Walk as much as possible. On days you plan to explore local attractions or go sight-seeing, walk to and from each destination whenever possible. Not only will you be saving money on a cab or other means of transportation, but you’ll be burning calories in the process.


Free your mind. Meditate for just a few minutes each day, because let’s face it, you’ll probably need to by the time you’ve reached your destination. Block out 30 minutes of your morning to sit in solitude and unwind with meditative poses or a light yoga session.

Don’t let rainy days ruin your vacation. Rainy days are a convenient excuse to stay in and watch movies for hours. Avoid this by looking up indoor activities that everyone can enjoy, or get creative with things you can do without leaving the house.

Make the mornings worth it. Set your alarm for an hour before everyone else wakes up and start your day with a morning workout. If you’re staying in the mountains or near a beach, take advantage of the beautiful terrain by going for a 30-minute walk, a short jog around the block or maybe just a brief yoga session outside. Exercising in nature is a nice change of pace — try it out! If you are planning on staying in a hotel, try to pick one with an indoor gym or recreation center.


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