Bored with your same old tiring workout at the gym?  Snap out of your workout rut and try some of these new and creative ways to get your butt back in gear!

1.  Mix up your music: Is Justin Timberlake on repeat while you’re at the gym?  Try switching it up a bit and throwing on some new music with different beats. I love cardio mix radio stations and Swedish House Mafia station on Pandora for some fast-paced tunes. Refreshing my playlist really does wonders for my workouts, and I’m sure a little mix up will do the same for you!


2.  Step out of your comfort zone: Be bold and sign up for a TRX class or a dance-workout class to switch up your routine!  And if you’re near a lake or beach, try out some fun water fitness activities like paddle boarding or kayaking! I just started taking booty barre classes to change up my routine, and it is working muscles I didn’t even know I had! It is a much different pace than I’m used to, and I honestly didn’t think I would like it that much, but I am really enjoying the change! (photo credit here)


3.  Find a workout buddy: Grab a pal that has comparable goals and is at a similar fitness level and and you’ll likely stay motivated much longer than hitting the gym alone. Workout buddies typically push you to run faster, lift heavier and feel the burn longer, but the second your buddy becomes more of a distraction than a motivation, you need to have a chat or call it quits with that partner. Don’t let anyone put distance between you and your goals! I usually must have a workout partner for accountability reasons. For some reason it is much easier to let myself down than a friend!


4.  Try some new equipment: Maybe its time you step off the treadmill and try something different. If you aren’t familiar with the machines, ask a gym representative and they will typically be more than happy to help you. You’ll probably find that you are working your muscles in a different way which will definitely speed up the result process.


5.  Take it outside: Tired of the same view of the person’s head in front of you at the gym?  Take your workout outside and hike, take a jog around your neighborhood, dust off your roller blades and hit the trail or grab your helmet and hop on a road bike. The options are endless and you’ll feel so refreshed after taking your sweat sesh to the great outdoors!


6.  TV Shows saved for the gym: Allotting a time to go to the gym when your favorite shows are on television really can be a motivator to get there. Pick shows that you enjoy the most and discipline yourself to only allowing yourself to watch them when you’re working out! My only disclaimer here is to make sure you are still working hard and you can multitask while on a treadmill! We don’t need you ladies falling off the back end of a treadmill while watching the latest Rose Ceremony!