Keep yourself cool, young, energized, and allergy free with these vitamins this summer.

Vitamin C: According to Discovery Health, Vitamin C can help your body acclimate to hotter environments in a shorter time making you less likely to overheat. “C” helps you stay cool and reduces the chance that you’ll develop heat-related illnesses. Papaya is a tasty and refreshing source of Vitamin C.


Vitamin D:  While we don’t want to overload on this due to supplements and sun exposure, vitamin D allows our bodies to adjust to the suns rays. Thicken your skin, notice less sunburns, and help ward off eventual wrinkles! Mushrooms are an excellent source of Vitamin D. For more information, read The Health Low-Down On Mushrooms and 7 Must-Try Recipes.


Vitamin A: Give your body the boost it needs to help repair sun damaged skin. Vitamin A will help to restore collagen and elastin in your skin, which combats the signs of aging. Who wouldn’t want that?! Carrots, cantaloupe and butternut squash are three easy ways to get your Vitamin A in.


Vitamin B6: There are a few different B vitamins but all are beneficial in the summer months. B6 can help combat the fatigue that can accompany long, activity filled summer days. What’s a good Vitamin B6 source? Pistachios! The perfect snack for those on-the-go, jam packed days.


Vitamin B3:  Keep your digestive system in check using Vitamin B3. There’s nothing worse than feeling bloated and weighed down during bikini season. What foods help you beat the bloat? Yummy lean proteins like white chicken and tuna.


Vitamin E: Those seasonal allergies that flare in the summer can be combatted using Vitamin E. Quiet the parts of the immune system that are active in allergy sufferers with a little extra “E”. You’ll be glad to know your favorite nutty snacks – peanuts, almonds and pine nuts – are chocked full of Vitamin E.