Everyone has a budget in mind to do a project — the key is to prioritize your needs and wants, and start with one room at a time. I spoke with Interior Designer, Jennifer K. Laporte who shared her tips with me on how to redecorate on a low budget. No matter how much money you have to work with, always start with a design concept. You have to stay focused on the purpose the space serves during the process.

Here are 6 tips on transforming a space:

1.  Start with sorting, organizing and either donating or tossing items that no longer serve your needs. Photo Credit here


2. A freshly painted room and newly painted trim will bring new life to any room. Photo Credit here.


3. Make a focal point of the room the place you invest! If the sofa is the focal point in the room – and a new one isn’t an option – invest in well fitted slipcovers. Photo Credit here.


4. Old is new again. Take an item you have and find a creative way to use it; an iron gate door can became an interesting coffee table. Photo Credit here.


5. Less is more most of the time. Minimizing the furniture or items in a room let it breathe. Put collections all together so they become more important. Photo Credit here.


6. Lighting is key. Well placed and sized lighting is essential! There should be three layers of light–with at the least two in every room: general light (overhead), table light (for reading or ambiance) and accent (a picture light or sconces). Photo Credit here