It’s no secret that we’ve all been a victim to a delicious chocolate glazed donut or a tasty bowl of cookie dough ice cream while on a diet. And while “cheat meals” aren’t going to throw off your entire week of healthy dieting, sometimes one bite can become a complete week of binge eating. And genetically we can’t help it; women have a harder time controlling their cravings than men. But with these six tips and some practice, you will have no fear of driving right past the ice cream shop without wanting to make a pit stop!

Good Carbs: Keeping good carbohydrates in your diet will help keep you full while providing energy. No need to cut out carbs all together. This can be bad for your health and cause a terrible rebound when you add them back into your meal plan. Grains, fruits and vegetables are great forms of clean carbohydrates to replace sugars. For low carb options, try one of these 50 low carb recipes!

Clean Diet: Keeping a clean diet is the key when it comes to staying focused. Try re-feeding by adding in another healthy meal if you are having cravings. Also, finding a new healthy way to make your favorite dish is a great way to accomplish a cheat meal and not get out of control with your diet or defeat your goals. For a healthier cheat meal, try our Philly Cheesesteak Pizza or our delicious Cranberry and Feta Turkey Burger!

Drinking Enough H2O: Drinking more water is the best way to keep full and keep cravings at bay. Most of us could add more water to our diet than we currently drink. This will also help you flush out many toxins you have previously put into your body and in turn, help with the cravings.

Tea Time: Unsweetened teas and green teas are another solution that can aid in controlling cravings. Water isn’t the most flavorful beverage, so tea is a great way to add some flavor into your routine.

Healthy Fats: These fats are vital in your diet. If you are trying to diet without them, you may have more cravings. Your body needs healthy fats and will trigger cravings if you are not getting them. Fish, nuts, oils and avocados are a few great examples. Try these 5 healthy fatty foods to boost weight loss!

Clean It Out: Keeping your pantry clean of junk foods is another solution to cravings. You are less likely to eat it if it’s not readily available to you.

It’s time to kick those bad habits and unhealthy cravings to the curb! Focus on these tips and you’ll be back to your regular routine in no time!