Snacks can be your best friend or worst enemy. For that brief moment, giving into a bag of chips is so satisfying. Surrendering to the greasy salt laden starches is so liberating for the first through the tenth chip. Then the bloat comes…and the guilt soon follows. Avoid all those post-snack stresses with these six healthy alternatives. They will lift you up rather than weigh you down.

1. Sargento Light String Cheese: String Cheese is always a great snack that can be eaten at any time. While it provides you with protein, it also stops your hunger until it’s time for a meal! Make sure to go with the light string cheese to cut as many calories as possible!
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2. Hummus and Veggies: Trying to fight your hunger? Hummus and veggies will do just that! Filled with iron and protein, you can’t go wrong with this snack. Adding red bell peppers and other nutritious veggies will make it even more appetizing. This snack is delicious, nutritious and is something you should always keep in your fridge.
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3. Pretzel Crisps: This snack comes in all different flavors to appeal to many different people. From plain to buffalo wing, sesame to chipotle cheddar, these won’t disappoint! Not only are these healthy, they are perfect for any time of day. A tasty snack that is low in calories? Perfect!
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 4. Greek Yogurt : Greek Yogurt is a food that can be eaten at any time of day! For a breakfast, lunch, or after-dinner snack, Greek yogurt is always a healthy option. Although the healthiest option would be eating it plain, adding fruit or additional items will keep it a great and healthy snack!
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5. Nuts: From almonds to pistachios to peanuts, nuts are always a snack you should keep on hand. Not only do they fill you up, but they are filled with protein and vitamins. Even though they may be hard to stop eating, just a handful of them will hold you over until your next meal.
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6. Trail Mix: Trail Mix is a fun snack that you can customize for yourself! There are tons of recipes for trail mix but only some are healthy. Mixing nuts and dried fruit is the best option for a quick, healthy snack. Whether you make your own mix or buy a prepackaged mix, it will cure your craving and keep you going for the day!
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