As a busy mum with two little monkeys, it seems I’m always on the run. Running out of the house to make it to work on time; running out of the office to make it to daycare on time; running everywhere on the weekends to try and get things done in the limited time available. And I know I’m not alone; we mum’s are a busy bunch! This means that we may often have to grab a quick lunch on the go, and I’m certainly no stranger to trying to consume a quick mid-day meal, while simultaneously continuing to type away at my computer and sift through paperwork, trying not to spill on anything!

Now imagine this; with the following recipes you can make use of the slew of reusable mugs in your kitchen cupboard, and prepare some delicious sippable soups that are satisfying, full of vegetables and can have a lid on them–so you don’t get pureed goodness on your paperwork! Trust me, your lunch routine is about to get just a little bit better…

For the full recipes, click on the source link below each photo.