There is nothing worse than someone who has seen the light and is looking to convert.  Whether they’ve given up booze, found Jesus, gave up bread, or started doing Crossfit, some people just don’t get that maybe everyone doesn’t want to be told they need to change their heathen ways.  If you’ve been reading Skinny Mom for a little while you’ve (hopefully) adapted a healthier lifestyle, and although we would love for you to tell your family and friends all about us, please don’t cross the line to being a pusher.  Think you may have already ventured into pusher territory?  Well read this list, if any of them sound familiar it might be time to reel it in.

woman yelling with hands around her mouth

  1. When someone tells you about a healthy dish they’ve recently made and you say “well you know what would have made it really healthy?”  No one wants a lecture on farm raised versus wild caught or how non-organic spinach is poison, so bite your tongue.  Just say “that sounds tasty!”, unless asked for specific input, and even when asked try not to sound condescending.
  2. People feel the need to justify everything they eat in front of you.  “The mayo was made with olive oil!”  “I picked half the cheese off!”  “It’s my cheat meal!”  If people are explaining their food choices to you they’re probably sick of you rolling your eyes when they tell you what they had for lunch.
  3. A few days before a girls night out you get an email with the restaurant’s menu asking “you can eat here, right?”  It’s nice your friends are supportive of your healthy lifestyle, but checking with you probably has more to do with not wanting to listen to you complain about what constitutes a salad these days while you push lettuce around your plate.
  4. Or you don’t get invited to girls night out.  Well you blew it.  I guess telling one of your friends her skin might clear up if she eliminates dairy was the final straw.
  5. Parents are still talking about the tofu dogs at your kid’s birthday party last year, and not in a good way.  Of course we all want our children to be healthier, but at a party?  Just chill out, feed them pizza and cake like a normal person and try to resist preaching about the evils of sugar for a day.
  6. People run the other way when they see you in the grocery store out of fear of shopping cart judgment.  Your neighbor doesn’t want you to see her eggs aren’t free range, your friend from the PTA doesn’t want you to know she uses ground beef instead of ground bison, and your yoga buddy doesn’t want you to know her dirty little secret, that she has a weakness for Chubby Hubby, and why?  Because they are sick and tired of listening to you.

Are you a pusher?  It’s not too late to change!  Lead by example, there’s no need to spend your days correcting people. If they have questions, believe me, they’ll ask you.  Know someone who is a pusher?  Send them this, and maybe have an intervention.