I usually write about how to get up and live like you have your butt on fire! Well, today I’m going to write about getting your mouth on fire, because spicing up the food that you eat has some great benefits for you health!!

Here are 6 reasons to add some spice to your next meal:

1. Makes you happy! Spicy foods contains serotonin and that can boost your mood, help fighting depression, and relieve stress. So if you are feeling down, adding some spice can literally spice things up and make you happy again!

2. Help you lose weight! Eating spicy foods will boost your metabolism and that will help you lose weight! Also, adding some hot sauce can add more flavor to skinny meals and make some of the more bland dishes more appetizing. Another benefit with adding spice to a dish is it can make you eat less because of the heat, but feel just as satisfied at the end of the meal.

3. Lower your blood pressure! One of the leading health problems in this country is high blood pressure. By adding some spice to your meals, you can lower it! Another reason to the high blood pressure is that people add sodium to reach more flavors in food, however, by adding spices, you can reduce sodium with healthy spicy flavoring.

4.It can prevent cancer! Some research says that spicy foods like chili pepper and tumeric contains capsaicin that can kill and prevent some of the bad cancer cells!

5. Help clear acne! One unexpected (to me) benefit with eating spicy foods is that it could help clear acne. It’s the same capsaicin that helps prevent cancer that has anti inflammatory advantages to even clear your skin.

6.Better breathing! We all know that our noses usually start running when we eat something spicy. Sometimes, a bowl of spicy chili is just the perfect thing if you are stuffy since it will help with clearing the airways in your nose.

So what are some of the good spices?  Horseradish, different types of chili peppers, wasabi, ginger root, garlic, and cayenne pepper just to name a few. Do you enjoy eating spicy food? What are some of your favorites? Even though I like the benefits of spicy food, I’m not to big of a fan of a super spicy dish. But I’ll take a big bowl of a good, medium heat, pineapple curry any day of the week!

Photo Credit: www.shanghaimongnyc.com