My addiction to Diet Coke started with my high school job. Unlimited drinks from the soda fountain were one of the perks in the pizza shop where I worked, and for over a decade I was addicted to what I had decided was the only beverage served in heaven.

As I learned about health and nutrition, I decided it was finally time to give up what was once my favorite treat. It has now been over a year and a half since my last Diet Coke and I haven’t looked back. Here are some great reasons you should ditch Diet Coke for good, too.

Artificial Sweeteners: With links to cancer and neurological problems, staying away from the aspartame in Diet Coke is a good idea, especially in the large amounts that most Diet Coke drinkers consume.


Sugar Cravings: Not only are there health concerns with artificial sweeteners, but your body recognizes them like sugar which can increase cravings of sugar and other foods. We all know what this means — weight added on so fast we hardly have time to notice what happened!


Zero Nutritional Value: When trying to eat healthy, why waste time on things that are nutritionally void? Water has minerals that the body needs, juice can provide vitamins, but you receive no nutritional benefit from drinking diet soda. (photo credit)


4. Linked to Increased Obesity Rates – Logically, you would think that a “diet” drink would help you lose weight, but studies have found the opposite to be true.


Caffeine Addiction: Within just a few hours of going without caffeine, the symptoms of withdrawal can set in. With headaches, fatigue, irritability, and depression on the list of symptoms, wouldn’t it be better to get past the dependence so you don’t need to worry about the addiction symptoms any more?


Save Money: One day shortly before I stopped my own addiction with Diet Coke, I sat down and figured out how much exactly I was spending each month. I was surprised to learn I was easily spending between $30 and $50. What could you do with an extra $50 per month? I replaced the soda with water and have been thoroughly enjoying my extra money ever since!