Pregnant or trying to become pregnant? There are tons of resources out there for you. You can buy books, talk to friends and Google just about everything you need to know. But what if you could do it all in one place? We’ve found 6 great apps that will help you pinpoint the optimal time for conceiving, keep educated with your pregnancy and get yourself prepared for your little ball of joy!

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Clue – Period Tracker: This is a great new app for all women, regardless if you are trying to enter motherhood or not. Clue helps you to understand and predict your next menstrual cycle, as well as help to determine the best time for conception. This app will beautifully depict how your menstrual cycle works using a scientific algorithm and give you reminders on when your period should begin and when to take birth control. The more you use this app, the more accurate it becomes.

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My Pregnancy Today: With this app, you are updated daily with a guide on what is going on inside that belly of yours. You can also see what your baby will look like with medical images of fetal development, and it keeps track of how far along you are in your pregnancy as well. A checklist is included with doctor appointment reminders, activities, and fun suggestions to keep you on your A-game! You will have access to “birth clubs” which are online message boards with other pregnant mothers who are due in the same birth month as you. Nutrition guides and videos are the cherry on top of this app that truly has everything you need!

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Yoga Mama: You can still stay fit while pregnant. Yoga is a great way to keep exercising through each trimester, no matter what your fitness level is. This app includes videos covering a variety of topics relating to prenatal yoga.

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Baby Names: Can’t decide on a name yet? Have no fear, the Baby Names app will give you tons of options. You can search by popularity, origin, and meaning. They even have lists you can browse of seasonal names, nature names, strong names and more! Plus, this app is very easy to use and free!

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Fertility Friend: This is an app specifically designed to help you become pregnant. The main focus of this app is to help you predict the optimal times to conceive. It works side by side with their website

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Babies”R”Us: Shop til you drop! Or, with the Babies”R”Us app, shop while you’re lounging on the couch. You can buy all the baby essentials here without stepping foot in the store.

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