If you want to strengthen your core and get some great results, you would be hard-pressed to find an exercise better than the plank. Did you know that there are many variations to the basic plank? According to Equinox trainer, Kelvin Gary, the two best ways to change up a plank are to decrease stability and to change complexity. Each way not only targets your core, but also other various muscles in your body while increasing your strength. Implement these modifications into your daily routine and feel and see the difference!

  1. Exercise Ball Modified Plank: This is just as it sounds. Using an exercise ball, get up on the ball using your elbows and perform a plank. Engage your abs to hold your balance.

  1. Side Plank: The side plank targets your obliques. Hold the plank position on your side, balancing on your forearm and the side of your lower foot.

  1. One-Armed Plank: Get down in plank position and while holding position, move your arm to the front and to each side. Switch arms.

  1. Upper Body on Bosu Ball Plank: Balance your forearms on a Bosu ball in standard plank form.

  1. Lower Body on Bosu Ball Plank: Prop your legs up on the Bosu Ball in standard plank form.

  1. Hands-in-Front-of-Your-Head Plank: This changes the complexity of the standard plank. Get into plank position and hold hands in front of your head.