I recently went to Tallahassee to help my best friend after the birth of her third baby. We didn’t do much else besides hold the baby, chase after her other two kids and eat. We decided that it would be awesome if we lived closer to each other, but concerning our waist sizes? Not so much. In the midst of some good baby love we searched for light recipes that would satisfy a sweet tooth without expanding one’s pants size.

1. Chocolate-Toffee Puffs.   Believe it or not, these babies only have 52 calories EACH! I know, I was shocked too. The Heath bar makes you feel just a little naughty as you bite into these puffs.


2. Hot Fudge Pudding Cake.  Okay this one is my higher calorie (333 calories per serving) recipe of the bunch but it’s SO worth it. You’ll see after you make it. You can make some substitutions to make it a little lighter. For example, use light butter and fat-free ice cream or yogurt. I also like to add a little cinnamon (about a pinch or two) into the recipe when I make it.
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3. Low Fat Apple Cake.  (200 calories per serving) Living in the North Georgia Mountains I’m surrounded by amazing apple orchards. Just one day’s worth of apple picking always leaves me with more than enough of the yummy goodness to make whatever dessert my heart delights in. In my search for the perfect low-fat cake recipe, I found this one and let me tell you, it’s AH-MAZING.

apple cake

4. Miniature Cherry Cheesecakes.  (228 calories per serving)  It took me a very long time to love cheesecake but only because I once ate so much in middle school that I got sick from it. I’ve since overcome my aversion to the dessert and I’m so glad I did after finding this recipe. The only thing I really change about this recipe is the filling. Instead of making my own (because I’m lazy) I buy a premade filling.
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5. Quick Pumpkin Spice Cake.  (260 calories per serving) This one is a Pampered Chef recipe and it’s so easy to make (as most PC recipes are). I like to make this recipe when I don’t have much time to bake but I want to make it look as if I’ve spent the entire day preparing something awesome…come on, you know what I’m talking about ladies. Did I mention I’m a sucker for all things pumpkin?
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6. Frozen Peanut Butter Pie.  (259 calories per serving) I realized that I didn’t have any pies on this list! When I was pregnant with my first son, I drug a friend of mine around town just to find somewhere that had peanut butter pie. I kid you not. I take peanut butter pie very seriously.
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